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Welcome to our new Web Site;

Orlin and I are delighted to have you in our fun - and sometimes crazy - Shaklee group! Let me take just a few minutes to introduce ourselves to you.

After I graduated from college with a Kindergarten, Elementary Education degree, I taught for two years while Orlin worked at Control Data. In 1968, we were asked to join a pastor who was opening up a church mission in Lima, Peru.  We were delighted to have that wonderful privilege for almost 4 years! We returned from Lima with 2 children and a love for helping people.

We joined Shaklee in 1981 to save money on our products. We now had 6 children (the youngest two we adopted from Nicaragua) with many “normal” health problems.  I also had a history of breast cancer for two generations on my mother’s side, and was beginning to have symptoms that worried me. After seeing the difference Shaklee made in my health, I also wanted it for my children. I visited with my Shaklee sponsor, and she assured me that all of those products could be purchased for FREE!  Wow FREE is pretty good!

To this day, I have always earned enough to cover our personal use of Shaklee, and now our family has expanded to 15 grandchildren that are the delight of our lives.  Our 1099’s every year from Shaklee show over $70,000, and Shaklee tracks our total earnings since we started, and it’s over a MILLION!

But even more importantly, we have changed people’s lives.  Countless stories of health problems that are no longer an issue warm our hearts constantly.  In addition, we are making a significant contribution to the environment as well as to people’s happiness quotients.  Our cup truly runneth over. 

All the best,   

Judy and Orlin Myrlie     651-454-7179